Our Beef

Pacheco Beef is a family business that is dedicated to providing high quality beef to Kansas' family tables. 

Six Reasons to Buy Pacheco Beef

It is a family thing.

We work together to care for our cattle. Arturo and I both grew up caring for cattle with our parents. Through these experiences in our youth, we both have a deep rooted passion for caring for cattle and raising our own boys in the same manner we grew up. 

It is handcrafted.

Our beef is handcrafted by Arturo, a PhD nutritionist. Our calves spend the majority of their lives on grass, but are grain finished to create the depth of flavor and internal marbling.

It is pasture raised.

Our cattle spend their life grazing the nutrient rich grass of the the Flint Hills of Kansas.

It tastes great.

Our beef is aged for 14-21 days for superior flavor.

Know your beef source. 

We strive to provide high quality beef and share our story along the way so that our customers can connect to us, as their rancher.

Delivered to your doorstep.

We ship directly to your doorstep in the state of Kansas or you can come to the quaint little town of Alma, KS and shop with us at our "Beef Shop”.